How to buy

How to hire adventure of CODEBCN?

For hire an adventure, the only thing you have to do is follow the steps that you indicate in the following article. It is very simple!

In less than five minutes you can have your registered adventure and plan to get the most out.

Through the following steps we will describe step by step what indicated in the headline of the article.


The next steps would be as follows:

1. Enter to HTTPS:// Choose an adventure on the button “Choose your adventure”,

We illustrate this with the following screenshot:

2. In the next step you sure check out the adventure without exhaust rooms, with 1 escape room or 2.

3. In this step stationary date of our adventure through the availability calendar


4. Once selected the day, Click the BOOK button / book, appearing the order form which includes some non-personal data in order to personalize the adventure as possible.

After completing the fields click again at the end of the form BOOK / BOOK

5. In this step then the order data, You can apply at the some coupon have a gift or promotion.

If the data provided and the product are correct click on finalize purchase.

6. In this step we will introduce the billing data, email, and observations which we want to realize and choose the form of payment.

7. In this step click on place order where we will spend to the chosen payment gateway.